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Terms and conditions

Guests must agree to abide by the Terms & Conditions and the Occupancy Guidelines, when booking with Jervis Bay Realty;


When booking via Jervis Bay Realty card details are transmitted through a secure server using Windcave payment gateway. Card data is not hosted by Jervis Bay Realty after processing. Windcave processes online credit card transactions for thousands of Australian merchants, providing a safe and secure means of collecting payments via the Internet. All online credit card transactions performed on this site using the Windcave gateway are secured payments.


In the event you wish to cancel your booking and the property is re-let for the entire period all deposit monies will be refunded less a $88 cancellation fee. In the event the property has not been able to be re-let, no monies will be refunded.


All bookings are made in good faith however, we the owners booking agent will not be held responsible for the actions of the owner should the owner withdraw or require the property to be withdrawn for any reason. All reasonable efforts will be made to locate alternate accommodation or all monies held in trust will be refunded. The description of the property is made in good faith and is only of a general nature reflecting a fair opinion as to but not limited to, the size, location, condition, sleeping capacity, external and inherent features of the property. Jervis Bay Realty will not be held responsible for any perceived expectation by a tenant regarding the property. Nor will Jervis Bay Realty be held responsible for third parties who amend or not update any of the property information on external websites.



The following applies to all occupants at the property


No person at the premises will indulge in conduct that can be deemed a nuisance to adjoining or neighbouring occupiers.

Excess noise is not permitted after 10:00pm and before 8:00am under any circumstance. Strata Title By-Laws and regulation of the units must also be complied with if applicable. Any disturbance to neighbours including, but not limited to, excessive noise is totally prohibited and may result in the immediate termination of tenancy plus loss of bond.


It is the responsibility of the tenant to leave the property in a clean and satisfactory state. If the cleaner arrives at the property and finds extra duties to be performed (in addition to the hygienic clean) they will perform the duties and notify us with a bond claim amount. Please do not move furniture and/or items around the house- Cleaners will charge extra to put return items to original positions.


Most properties have a gas BBQ supplied at the premises. If the gas bottle runs out please take to any petrol station or Huskisson caravan park to have refilled. Please present receipt to the staff at Jervis Bay Realty for your reimbursement to be organised. IF YOU USE THE BBQ- YOU MUST CLEAN IT AFTER USE Failure to clean will incur a $60 cleaning fee.

GAS: Household Gas – If the gas for cooking/hot water runs out, please switch over bottles and notify the staff at Jervis Bay Realty asap. 


Tenants are required to remove their rubbish upon vacating the premises. Extra rubbish removal will incur a $60 per bag tipping and removal fee.


It is the tenant’s responsibility to secure the property at all times. Upon departing please lock all windows & doors and ensure all appliances & lights are turned off.


Jervis Bay Realty takes No responsibility for any personal items left at the property.


The property shall be occupied for residential purposes only and will not be used for a venue for any social function, including but not limited to weddings, parties, receptions, stag &/or hens’ nights, schoolies gatherings etc. Failure to adhere to this term will result in immediate eviction from the property and loss of bond. The total number of occupants at the property must not exceed the total allowable for the property at any time.


Smoking is NOT permitted inside the property under any circumstance. If the cleaners detect the odour of smoke inside the house extra charges will be made from the bond for extra cleaning, fresheners & carpet cleaning if needed.


Lost or mislaid keys will incur a $50 call out fee plus key replacement costs. (After hours call out fee $80 plus replacement key costs

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